The Impact of Google’s Direction in 2021 For Seo Companies

Everyone felt and continues to feel the impact of the pandemic – even giants like Google report a year of loss of revenues and uncertainties. But as a “top-five” most valuable brand in the world, Google is bent on redeeming itself in 2021.

The company recently reported a revenue drop that’s attributed to COVID-19, but even a US anti-trust lawsuit isn’t enough for it to give in; expect investments and changes in policies geared towards improved revenues. A push for increased revenues in 2021 isn’t surprising because this year may have been the worst time for most companies.


Around 80% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising, primarily from search engine results pages and web properties. Having said that, the company is expected to invest in new features in its ad paid search, with the hope of improving click-through rates. This, in turn, helps in producing more paid search revenues.

Google is likely to extend lead forms in their primary platforms, including Discovery and YouTube. The idea is to show advertisers and firms such as Johnny Chen SEO Company the value of these platforms in the advancements of their respective campaigns.

Penetrating Uncharted Territories

Google is as global as any company can get. Nevertheless, it still hasn’t penetrated some markets despite its web dominance. One of the most obvious signs that it wants to extend its reach is its 10 billion dollar commitment in India. Google intends to up the ante in providing services to one of the most populous nations in the world. The overwhelming difference between India and China is that the former is a democratic society. Google knows what it’s doing.

Going Local

Internet marketing firms like Johnny Chen SEO Company know that focusing on local markets has its advantages. For Google, 2020 offered the realization of how valuable local businesses are for its gain. Despite the impact of COVID-19, Google saw a considerable expansion of its services to local businesses. It implies that the company acknowledges the significance of local search as one of the most sought-after activities in Google.

Issues of Privacy

Even with recent changes and positive response to government pressure, Google still puts a premium of privacy. The anti-trust lawsuit filed against Google contends that some of its business strategies and practices are detrimental to businesses and competition in general. It said that Google’s way of restricting competition in search constitutes harm to consumers as it reduces the quality of search.

The lawsuit plays a significant role in privacy, although it appears like it is more concerned about accusing Google of being a monopoly. But because the battle is in the courtroom, there’s a chance that Google’s privacy principles are likely to be put to the test when the court orders disclosure in different angles. Businesses, internet marketing experts, and advertising firms are all waiting for what Google does in 2021. “Tough” is an understatement in describing 2020, yet everyone must move on, including a giant like Google. Every step it takes comes under the microscope, and companies that rely on it to make money are monitoring Google’s every step.