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Everything You Need to Know About Adelaide Teeth Whitening, According to Dental Experts

Dental experts share their knowledge about teeth whitening to inform people and let them know just how important it is towards oral health.

According to dental history, teeth whitening was discovered ‘by accident.’ To treat gum diseases, dentists of the past used mouth-rinsing agents containing hydrogen peroxide. After several procedures, they noticed that it also whitens their patients’ teeth.

Today, teeth whitening is a dental practice widely offered by Dentists in Australia and around the world. Other service providers like cosmetics also provide teeth whitening.

We can also see many dental products like toothbrush and mouthwash that have ‘teeth-whitening’ as a main feature. You’ve also got dentist-prescribed gels and strips, as well as over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

With all of these options on the table, one can’t help but question, ‘which one is the best?’ ‘Which option is the safest?’ Dental experts weigh in on what they think is the ideal product or method for Adelaide teeth whitening.

First off, it’s important to know that most teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient. It helps clean the mouth while whitening your teeth. This component is also the reason why teeth whitening is also referred to as ‘teeth bleaching.’

Teeth whitening also has different regulations when it comes to accepted hydrogen peroxide concentrations per product in other countries.

Australia, for instance, only permits licensed dental practitioners to provide teeth whitening products that contain more than 6% hydrogen peroxide. In other regions, non-dental practitioners are allowed up to 12% hydrogen peroxide for their teeth whitening service.

Other countries like the UK consider it illegal for non-qualified cosmetic centres to use dental products containing more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. Only a licensed dentist can use teeth whitening products with more hydrogen peroxide concentrations than the indicated amount.

Before getting teeth whitening, experts recommend booking an appointment with your dentist. A healthy mouth is essential for the operation, which is why a quick check-up is necessary. If you’re suffering from oral infections like gingivitis or cavities, your dentist will advise you to deal with the present issue before proceeding.

According to an article from ABC News Australia regarding Adelaide teeth whitening, most products tend to cause sensitivity. While this effect is only temporary in most cases, it can potentially cause dental problems if left unchecked.

Dental experts suggest identifying any dental health issues you may have before considering teeth whitening. Doing so will reduce the risk of experiencing a surprise dental problem.

It’s also important to know that dental restorations like fillings and veneers won’t change colour. “The whitening only takes effect on natural teeth,” According to ABC News’ Alex Holden. “You might need to replace your restorations with new ones to match with your whitened natural teeth.”

When it comes to teeth whitening, every individual should be informed of its potential and the requirements before undergoing an operation. That way, patients will be more aware of the dental procedure they will go through based on facts and not just what they see in the commercials.