The Care and Maintenance of Artificial Lawns: A Homeowner’s Guide

One of the main reasons why artificial grass won’t last long is due to lack of maintenance. Here’s a quick guide to help keep your artificial grass healthy for a long time.



There are many reasons to choose artificial grass Gold Coast over natural grass, but it’s essential to understand its required care and maintenance. Synthetic turf can be a worthy investment–but only if you’re willing to take good care of it! That’s what this guide is for: understanding the basics of artificial lawn care and maintenance so that your synthetic turf stays healthy for years.


The importance of proper Artificial Grass Care

Artificial grass, like all artificial surfaces, will deteriorate if not cared for properly. This is why it’s important to learn the basics so that your investment will last a long time. The key points are below:


  1. Brush away loose debris from the lawn with a broom or rake; this includes leaves and cuttings–anything that can cause damage over time.
  2. Avoid using soap when cleaning, as soap may leave residue on the surface, which could attract dirt and other particles later on. It also wears the material used on the surface. A simple hose down should do the trick just fine. If you really want to use a cleanser, there are tons of cleaning products made specifically for artificial grass.
  3.  If watering, never uses a sprinkler. Watering is best done by hand to avoid over-spraying–especially if those spots are artificial grass, too!
  4. Check for any tears or punctures in the turf that might be caused by foot traffic or pets; these can lead to wear over time, resulting in more frequent repairs needed for your lawn. Make timely repairs when necessary.
  5. Maintain a healthy pH level with water treatments so that the synthetic fibres remain tightly woven together. At the same time, it will resist rotting in contact with harsh chemicals and other substances.
  6.  Don’t leave stains to dry on your artificial grass. The longer the liquid sits, the more difficult it will be to remove.


Cleaning Your Artificial Grass Gold Coast

Your artificial grass is susceptible to stains and requires proper care. Here are some excellent tips for cleaning your synthetic grass:


  • To clean dirt off of your lawn’s top surface – hose down with water.
  • For tough stains on the top surface area, use solutions like hairspray or WD40 before hosing them away.
  • Use a stiff brush to scrub stains on the backing material.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach or ammonia-based cleaners to clean your synthetic grass. These chemicals can damage both surfaces of your lawn.
  • For tough stains that are too difficult to remove, you may need to rent an industrial-strength cleaning machine like those used in custodial applications.
  • Always use the right cleaning products. If your artificial grass looks dirty, there are cleaning products available that’s specifically made for cleaning artificial grasses too!


Keep Your Artificial Grass Presentable

  • If you want your artificial grass to stay green, make sure that its surface remains wet. A damp or dry lawn can turn light brown and look like a dead patch of synthetic turf.
  • Avoid walking on areas with stains as much as possible, so they don’t set into the fibres; if this isn’t feasible, walk over them lightly where the stain might’ve gone through.


Anyone who has artificial grass on their property should know how to care for it. This way, the synthetic turf surfaces will last a lot longer.