Experts Talk About How SEO Adelaide Has Evolved in the Past Five Years

SEO has gone through extensive changes since it became a widely accepted concept several years ago.

Digital marketing experts have been keen on understanding the significant impact of search engine optimisation for decades now. But in the past five years, there have been substantial changes.

One example of a massive change is the use and dominance of mobile devices and apps to access information. Social media and other tools have extended this trend as well.

The amount of time we spend on smartphones, tablets, and computers has taken a considerable leap forward too. People didn’t even dream about having such a fantastic amount of global connectivity just a couple of years ago.

But how exactly has SEO Adelaide evolved in the past five years? How is it related to the different devices, apps, and social media platforms that we use daily?

Search engine optimisation has fixed itself to the users’ habits. However, we often link ourselves to our mobiles, tablets, and computers, so SEO needs to keep up with it.

Several trends have developed as of late. We’ll look at those and what changes SEO has gone through since then.

Search Engine Results Have Changed the Search Engine Optimisation Game Once And For All

Some of us might still remember the time when Google didn’t even exist or was just a short-lived experiment. It wasn’t until 1996, when the Stanford graduate Sergey Brin and Larry Page launched Google, that we got what we consider to be a modern search engine today.

Back then, the number of people using the internet was minimal. But because it was so scarce, it gave us better results than having an abundance of users.
On the other hand, according to a recent study, over three billion internet users today! Staggering, right? They spend lots of time on different devices searching for information.

The first websites focused on technology news and software products. But as time went by, things evolved slowly but surely until new laws were introduced about using search engines.

The main change over the years was that some websites became more potent than others. As you can imagine, having an organic ranking on Google had more value back then than it does today.

Organic Rankings Are Still The Most Respected Way of Ranking High On Search Engines

Today, SEO is more complicated than it ever was in the past, and it’s no longer something you can do by yourself without expertise or achieving top positions on search engines with little to no effort.

According to SEO expert Oleg Shchegolev, organic rankings are still “the main traffic generator” for most businesses worldwide. Google has made some massive changes lately, which have affected the efficiency of search engine optimisation, but it’s still something that will bring results if done right.

Organic rankings are looking at how “natural” a website is in its organic state. It means that you have to go beyond using meta tags and other SEO Adelaide stuff because your competitors are doing the same thing anyway.

Before, Google used to give you a small amount of time to Rank 1. But now, it’s not like that anymore.